Act outside of the system.

The pathway to a livable future on this planet is rapidly narrowing.

The US is the world’s top producer of oil and gas, and home to the largest network of pipelines on Earth.

US Oil and Gas Pipelines Map

Global heating will become progressively worse unless we stop the majority of fossil fuel use in the next few years.

Protest is a powerful tool for change but activists seeking to preserve ecosystems and ancestral lands are threatened, attacked, or jailed using terrorism enhancement charges, in a clear strategy to dehumanize climate activists and strip them of their civil and human rights.

Since the Standing Rock protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline in 2017, 19 states in the US have passed “critical infrastructure laws”, and similar bills are pending in 5 other states. Many of these bills transform misdemeanors like trespassing on, disrupting, or otherwise interfering with operations at critical infrastructure facilities into felony charges.

If we want to survive we must protect the revolutionaries who take necessary actions to fight the fossil fuel industry and protect our existence.